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error: feval: function 'pkg' not found

From: ashwin damle
Subject: error: feval: function 'pkg' not found
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 11:36:14 +0530


I have a question. I am using C++ program to call the Octave interpreter and execute commands. The program works well as long as I use the octave functions. However, I get errors when I try loading a package. I want to use the control package. Attached is the I get errors when loading the package control.

I search around and found that there were solutions posted like and

Therefore, I tried loading the package in the using feval ("pkg", ovl ("load", "control"), 0);. I get errors like

warning: docstring file '\scratch\jwe\mxe-octave\usr\i686-w64-mingw32\share\octave\4.0.2\etc\built-in-docstrings' not found

error: feval: function 'pkg' not found

error: octave_base_value::double_value (): wrong type argument '<unknown type>'

The good thing is that this works on a GNU/Linux Xubuntu system but not on Windows 10 with Octave version 4.0.2. 

Also, want to let you know that the reason I am not using a higher version of GNU Octave is because I have object files which are compiled with GCC 4.6.2 and newer version Octave is complaining that the file format is not recognised when I link all object file with the executable created using newer version Octave. This works on Linux but not on Windows 10.

Could you please help with any advice on how to load a package, especially control, in a C++ program?

Thank you.

Ashwin Damle

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