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Re: Excel .xla in Octave

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: Excel .xla in Octave
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2018 12:14:18 -0700 (MST)

mspitoni wrote
> Hello everybody!
> I am starting using Octave with the aim to replace Matlab in doing
> essentially the same work. However, I am having some troubles here. I have
> an add-in (.xla file) in excel, which allows to compute some specific
> fluid
> thermodynamic properties by knowing just two variables (for example,
> enthalpy from temperature and pressure).
> My purpose is as follows:
> - write the needed string on an excel sheet using Octave xlswrite
> function;
> - read the result computed in excel by using Octave xlsread function.
> At this stage, I am able to write the string on excel, but when I try to
> read the result, Octave gives empty matrix. But if I open the excel file,
> the result is calculated in the specified cell.
> I don't know if it could be a matter of saving the file after writing from
> Octave.

To me it is a it unclear exactly what you are doing.
Obviously you need to save a changed file before you can read the changes.
xlswrite does save a file to disk, so that should be covered.
However, if you want the add-in to do its work while reading it with
xlsread, I'm afraid that may not work as you want. Things like formula
evaluation and add-in operation generally don't work in functions like
xlsread/xlswrite that merely do plain data exchange.

Only if you run octave on Windows, and you have Excel installed, and you
have the octave-forge windows package loaded, then you have a chance that
you can get somewhere as then excel itself is used to read the file. But
still I don't know if add-ins will do their work then. Maybe you need to
load and rewrite the file with Excel in between.


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