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Re: Sundials and pthread issues

From: Carlo De Falco
Subject: Re: Sundials and pthread issues
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018 09:59:47 +0000

> On 2 Jul 2018, at 10:43, autodidact <address@hidden> wrote:
> Without
> sundials, does it mean that octave cannot do any ODE's,

No. Sundials is used as a backend for the implementation of the matlab 
compatible DAE solvers ode15i and ode15s only.
Without sundials those two functions won't work but you can still use daspk to 
solve the same class of problems (but your code will not be matlab compatible).
If your ODEs are not very stiff you can also use other solvers like ode45 and 
ode23 which are included in Octave 4.4.

> and when is the expected release of octave 5?

The standard answer to this question is "whenever it's ready, sooner if you 
but Octave is trying to move to a more frequent release cycle so maybe
it will not take very long.

> Last question, how can I participate in the
> bug report for sundials compatibility when sundials is disabled?

There is a patch attached to that report, if you apply the patch before 
you should be able to link Octave to sundials 3 and therefore re-enable 

The code in the patch is already fairly complete (thanks to Bill Greene), 
what is not working correctly yet is the automatic discovery of sundials 3 
with autotools tests.

If you are familiar with autotools, that is the area where help is more needed.


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