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Re: Configuring VLFEat in Octave reg

From: hottea
Subject: Re: Configuring VLFEat in Octave reg
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018 01:41:42 -0700

Just download the source tarball, extracts tarball, change dir to vlfeat root, run `make`. How ever, if you have mex installed, vlfeat will assume that you have MATLAB installed, while mex might come from TeXLive. You could comment out this line:
    include make/matlab.mak
since you don't need to compile with MATLAB support. After that, just run `make`, everything will works ok. Launch octave, run vl_setup, and then vl_demo to run a demo to test if vlfeat installed properly.

I just tested with Arch Linux, octave 4.4.0-1 from official repo, gcc 8.1.1.

Please also refer to for installation instruction, and don't forget to provide more detail, such as log, when ask for help.

I used to run example codes from, but something didn't work as expected. You might need to dive into it.

Sreejith kb <address@hidden>于2018年7月2日周一 上午2:13写道:

I have installed VLFeat in my Ubuntu machine. Now I want to use VLFeat from OCtave, which is already installed. i tried to follow the instructions given in the website, but failed. so, please be kind enough to send the step by step procedure to configure the VLFeat in Octave.

Thanking you
yours faithfully

Sreejith K B
Lecturer in Computer engineering
RWP COllege, Payyanur, Kerala

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