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Some questions for the Octave.

From: 김정성
Subject: Some questions for the Octave.
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 18:15:07 +0900

Hello, I am Jungsung, Samsung electronics engineer.

I wanna use the Octave, so I ask some questions.


Can I use this S/W in the company(Samsung electronics)?

I mean, is it free for the enterpirse user?


And are there any restrictions on using the windows version?


For reference, in my case I don't make any commercial tools, but I will only do calculations for research.


Answers I'll wait.


Best regards.


Thank you.




  김 정 성 

Jungsung Kim, Ph.D / Principal Engineer

LED Development Group / LED Business


Office  : 070-7142-0502              Mobile : 010-4506-0506

E-mail : address@hidden




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