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Re: problem with xlswrite

From: grg
Subject: Re: problem with xlswrite
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2018 14:11:06 -0700 (MST)

PhilipNienhuis wrote
> I just had a little time to experiment with the OCT interface.
> It turns out that adding data to a worksheet containing merged cells works
> fine as long as you don't add data into merged cell ranges. 
> If you do add them into a merged range, the data in the merged range
> simply
> don't show up in LibreOffice or Excel.
> But that doesn't explain plain data loss.
> So I'm curious to your bug report and spreadsheet file.

Well, in my case, I am not writing inside merged cells. 
I've now also noticed that xlswrite not only wipes out all the additional
info from the worksheet I am writing on, but also from an other worksheet in
which I am not trying to write anything.
I've filed a bug ( and
uploaded expected and obtained results, as well as the original xlsx file.

Thanks again for your help,

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