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Re: command log(2) give value as 500

From: Przemek Klosowski
Subject: Re: command log(2) give value as 500
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2018 13:23:14 -0500
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On 02/12/2018 09:29 AM, behindvampire wrote:
Hi  all,I am new to this octave world so please bear my foolish question.i am
trying to find the natural log value of 2 but the value it generate is
Normally, log() is the function:

octave:1> which log
'log' is a built-in function from the file libinterp/corefcn/
octave:1> log(2)
ans =  0.69315

but you can define your own data array called log() which will then shadow the log() function:

octave:2> log(1)=1
log =  1
octave:3> log(2)
error: log(2): out of bound 1octave:3> log(e)
error: log(2.71828): subscripts must be either integers 1 to (2^31)-1 or logicals
octave:3> which log
'log' is a variable

If you can remember defining data that shadows the log() function, great---if not, it could be some code that is automatically loaded in your environment and it would require some investigation to figure out where it's coming from.

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