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Re: Plot not working on macOS High Sierra

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: Re: Plot not working on macOS High Sierra
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 10:00:10 +0100
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Am 11.02.2018 um 02:24 schrieb Logon E-mail:
> I used Octave 4.0.3 through December 2017 without much difficulty.  Running 
> under macOS 10.13.
> I just tried to run again and it crashed whenever I attempt to use plot.  
> Even a simple program such as:
> ...
> crashes.

Do you see some message? Can you try to run in a terminal and see if you
get a message there? Does this happen if you run the GUI and/or the CLI?

> I reinstalled Octave but it made no difference.

How have you installed octave (please include link to
download/instruction)? Some sort of binary package or via fink,
macports, homebrew?

> Does anyone have any suggestions?

Yes, include much more information about your environment (see above)

-- Andy

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