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workshop and sessions for OctConf 2018

From: Carnë Draug
Subject: workshop and sessions for OctConf 2018
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2018 17:27:34 +0000

Hi everyone

As you know, the Octave conference will happen soon, March 12-15 [1].
We are planning it to be mainly workshops, unconference, and code
sprint sessions.

We are looking for feedback on our pick of workshops and ideas for
more.  The ones we are currently considering are:

  * creating Octave packages
  * using Octave in C++ programs
  * hacking the Octave GUI
  * using mercurial
  * navigating Octave core source
  * hacking the interpreter
  * profiling

Please let us know which of those you would be interested and suggest
new ones.

If there's a workshop you would like to give, or a topic you would
like to discuss, please let us know too.  Preferably on the mailing
list so we can get more feedback from everyone.

Thank you

The OctConf committee


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