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[Bug] [Linux] Octave window steals focus when switching workspaces?

From: Adam Hirst
Subject: [Bug] [Linux] Octave window steals focus when switching workspaces?
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2018 15:53:53 +0000
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To whom it may concern,

I mentioned this behaviour in #octave on Freenode, but since it seems I'm the only one there with the issue, figured I should try to raise exposure. If enough others confirm the behaviour, we can either escalate the issue, or in the process of discussing it, the underlying cause may become self-evident on its own.

To reproduce:

  • Open Octave (GUI) on some workspace
  • Alt-tab / select some other open application on that workspace
  • Change to a different workspace
  • Return to the first workspace

What I expect to happen, as happens with all other application combinations, is that the "focused" application is remembered. What actually happens, is that Octave jumps back to the top, becoming the focused application.

I use Openbox on Arch Linux x86_64, but I also get the same behaviour with fluxbox. A friend of mine running Gnome Wayland on Fedora also has the problem, but he has less online presence than I do, so probably won't be chipping in.

Software versions:

  • octave 4.2.1-8
  • openbox 3.6.1-3
  • xorg-server 1.19.6-2

Even when running "octave --verbose", I can't seem to get any information about why this is occurring. If anyone has any suggestions for what I could try, or further details I should submit, please don't hesitate to reply.

Best regards,


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