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Re: [Feature Request] [nurbs] IGES Export - Unit Magnitude (mm instead o

From: Adam Hirst
Subject: Re: [Feature Request] [nurbs] IGES Export - Unit Magnitude (mm instead of m)
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2018 11:50:42 +0000
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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, there are quite a few different ways to go
about making this option configurable (should it be an environment
variable, an argument to the function itself, or even an entry in a
config file?), so I figured a discussion was the best way forward.

Yeah, I had considered changing my local version of the function, but
was aware that the IGES specification has loads of extra cruft like
ensuring line lengths etc, so wasn't sure whether changing an "M" to an
"MM" and the "6" to the "2" would break the logic in some other way. 
It's reassuring to know that this should work, and I will do this for
now as a stop-gap.

I'm keen to know how this develops, but in the meantime, thanks again.

Best regards,


P.S. You may have noticed that I posted this 3 times. After waiting
about half an hour after the first, I still hadn't received the list
copy, nor could I see it on the archive, so I figured something had gone
wrong, and sent it again. After another 20 minutes or so I still saw
nothing, so did it again. Then all three arrived at once. -_-

On 25/01/18 08:40, jcorno wrote:
> Dear Adam,
> thanks for the feedback. I was the one writing the nrb2iges function and I
> did not think of the problem at the time. 
> It might require some time to add options to the functions such that the
> user can set whichever unit she/he prefers. In the meantime, one quick
> solution would be to directly modify the function nrb2iges. To switch from
> metres to millimetres it should be sufficient to change lines 61 and 62 of
> the function in such a way:
> G{14}= '2';                             % Unit Flag (2 = millimetres, 6 =
> metres)
> G{15}= HString('MM');             % Units  (millimetres = "MM, metres = "M")
> You can find more information about the IGES file format specification, for
> example, here:
> on page 20 you will find all the flags for the different units...
> I hope this was helpful. Best regards,
> Jacopo Corno
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