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How to get a trend surface function from raw data

From: alessio31183
Subject: How to get a trend surface function from raw data
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2018 08:43:57 -0700 (MST)

Dear all,
I'm quite new in octave env and this is the first post for me.

Basically I have this issue.
I've designed a new sensor where, unlikely, a temperature change makes a
change in reading.
Of course I need to compensate this unwanted behavior.

I did some tests to make this table that  is the error in measurement in
Angle °         5°C        25°C    50°C                 
181.10  0.0184  0.0000  -0.0167
219.56  0.0041  0.0000  -0.0010
263.90  -0.0153 0.0000  0.0193
5.45           -0.0151  0.0000  0.0173
48.17   0.0028  0.0000  -0.0042
77.03   0.0141  0.0000  -0.0179
124.98  0.0229  0.0000  -0.0252
165.05  0.0155  0.0000  -0.0275

Now I need to make the surface trend function and to implement it in
firmware in order to compensate the wrong value.

Usually the temperature effect is just function of temperature, so a simple
trend line (linear or polynomial)

Not in this case where the error is temperature and angle function, so a
surface function.

What I ask you is a method to get the function in octave (commands and so

Thanks in advance

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