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Textscan and csv fitness data problem

From: Thomas Esbensen
Subject: Textscan and csv fitness data problem
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2018 12:24:13 +0100

Challenge: Convert attached csv-file into vectors for timestamps, power, and heart_rate data. The file originates from a FIT-file (from a fitness device) converted via FitSDKRelease into a CSV-file.

Problem: I am not able to generate an output via textscan that corresponds to the number of lines (rows) in the csv-file. E.g. the variable DataMat generated via examples below holds values from various rows in the first line (DataMat(1,:)). It somwhow wraps around and the function in Octave is not consistent.

Hint: In OCTAVE dimensions are off. In MATLAB dimensions follow the file.

Attachment: 2017-08-11-143641-ELEMNT BOLT 2779-2-0.csv
Description: Text Data

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