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creating interactive Qt plots

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: creating interactive Qt plots
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2017 08:26:22 +0100
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Dear all,
ich wanted to add some examples to the wiki which shows how to interact
with plots using callbacks.

The idea was to have a triangle and enables the user to drag the corners
around (code follows at the bottom)

My first surprise was that the marker and lines have (now?) their own
callback and the figure callback isn't triggered when a line or a marker
is clicked even when there is no callback for the line/marker.

But my main question is: can this be made better/easier/more readable?

Any suggestions are highly welcomed.

clear all
graphics_toolkit qt
set (0, "defaultlinelinewidth", 2);

h.points = rand (2, 3);         # 3 random points
tmp = [h.points h.points(:,1)]; # duplicate first for plotting

h.line = plot (tmp(1,:), tmp(2,:));
hold on

# quick & dirty: create as many separate markers as points
for k = 1:columns (h.points)
  h.marker(k) = plot (h.points(1, k), h.points(2, k), "o", "markersize",
10, "color", "green");
hold off
h.drag_marker = [];

set (gcf, "userdata", h)

function click_marker (hsrc, evt)

  h = get (gcbf, "userdata");
  set (h.marker, "markerfacecolor", "none");

  ## color marker red
  set (hsrc, "markerfacecolor", "red");

  h.drag_marker = hsrc;
  set (gcbf, "userdata", h);


function drag_fig (hsrc, evt)

  # evt 1:left button, 2:middle button, 3:right button
  h = get (gcbf, "userdata");

  if (! isempty (h.drag_marker))
    c = get (gca, "currentpoint")([1 3])';
    set (h.drag_marker, "xdata", c(1));
    set (h.drag_marker, "ydata", c(2));

    # update the line
    x = cell2mat (get(h.marker, "xdata"));
    y = cell2mat (get(h.marker, "ydata"));
    set (h.line, "xdata", [x;x(1)]);
    set (h.line, "ydata", [y;y(1)]);



function stop_drag (hsrc, evt)

  h = get (gcbf, "userdata");
  h.drag_marker = [];
  set (gcbf, "userdata", h);


set (h.marker, "buttondownfcn", @click_marker);
set (gcf, "windowbuttonmotionfcn", @drag_fig)
set (gcf, "windowbuttonupfcn", @stop_drag)

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