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Re: compiling octave fails on building flex

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: compiling octave fails on building flex
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2017 15:59:42 -0700

Any suggestions? The other machine doesn't fail on these (gdb and nsis, I haven't built package binaries on the other one, and only accidentally let it slip on this one), so I must have setup dependencies inconsistently? I'll move the successful octave-4.3.0+.tar.gz to the other machine which successfully does make nsis-installer and see if I can combine them. But I'd still like to solve this so I can reliably build all the way through on both machines individually.

Do you have the latest mxe-octave? JWE pushed a patch for of-general a few days ago that may have fixed the issues for that package.

For gdb, there was probally a previous error in the build that prevented bfd/libbfd.a etc from being built that may be actual cause of the error

I finally have a fully functioning installer with the newest octave build. Thank you very much for the help. In the end it came down to 1) installing  a couple of missing dependencies, 2) avoiding -jX anywhere, or repeating the build several times of it was used, because sometimes dependency order won't reliably build it with -j,  3) avoiding even JOBS=X when doing make hg-octave-dist ( same problems with order dependencies), but JOBS can be used for make or make nsis-installer, 4) changing to point to version 2.6.3 instead of 2.6.4, 5) commenting out build instructions in, so it's not included in the forge package builds, but doesn't freak out when the mk doesn't exist, 6)  doing 'touch src/' if any make command was done in the mxe directory before make hg-octave-dist. I've verified the entire sequence on one machine with clean repo clones. I'm in the process of verifying it for a new vm install, to double check the set of one time  dependency installs, and hope to repeat for the builds on my other machine.

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