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Re: Control System Design methods using Octave.

From: shall689
Subject: Re: Control System Design methods using Octave.
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 06:11:22 -0700 (MST)


I did some searching and found invfreqz and invfreqs. It seems they can be
used to convert gain/phase data from the system to a transfer function in
the discrete (=G(z)) and continuous (=G(s)) domain respectively.  I could
then find out the total closed loop response by G/(1+G*H), where H is the
PID transfer function.

So, I am assuming I could use complex samples from the bode diagram as
inputs to either of these two functions,i.e h=[(1+i),(2+2i),...],
w=[1,1.01,..], n=?,m=?,invfreqz(h,w,n,m).  Is that correct?  How would I
determine n and m?  I am thinking that selecting n=1 and m = 2 would be a
good start.   if the plot of the transfer function doesn't give a good match
to the original transfer function, I would just increase m and then increase
n the next time if match is still not good.  Would that work?

Am I working in the right direction?


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