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Re: histogram with logscale ...

From: Pantxo
Subject: Re: histogram with logscale ...
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2017 13:56:35 -0700 (MST)

Dr.-Ing. Dieter Jurzitza wrote
> Dear listmembers,
> der Panxto,
> thank you for the hint - well, as I use the octave version 4.2.1 right now 
> this is working for me as well!
> However, due to other similar issues/problems with the graphical 
> representation I could achieve I dumped a set of gnuplot commands into a
> file 
> now and did directly what I wanted to do.
> It is a user friendly approach to try to hide the actual graphical
> interface 
> of a secondary tool from the user in order to allow him to learn one
> single 
> language only. However there ought to be a means for dumping the commands 
> controlling the secondary tool into i.e. a data- and a plotfile on request 
> By the way: this has to exist anyway as this is mandatory in order to
> print 
> for example with gnuplot. And whether one pipes something to an
> application or 
> writes into a file ought to be not a big thing.
> Such issues like the one discussed right now (and several more I've been 
> stumbling across during the last years) could be solved on the direct way, 
> then. 
> Neither gnuplot nor octave are perfect when it comes to achieving
> printouts 
> the way one needs them. However it becomes very difficult if the tweaks
> for 
> tool "A" you are aware of are kind of hidden behind a meta language within 
> tool "B" so you cannot access them the direct way.
> My 2 cents only.
> Thanks again,
> best regards
> Dieter Jurzitza
> Am Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 05:53:08 schrieb Pantxo:
> ******
>> The problem is that bars (actually patch objects) are drawn with 0 as
>> bottom
>> y coordinates. Here is a hack that works for me in 4.2.1 (but not in the
>> latest dev version strangely):
>> data = rand (5,3);
>> h = bar (data)
>> ## Get the patch objects and replace 0 coordinates by the minimal value
>> you
>> want to be displayed
>> ymin = 1e-3;
> *******
> -- 
> -----------------------------------------------------------
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On this list we use bottom posting : we write after cited texts as I
currently do.

For issue (1), I just realized that we just need to move the baseline. Here
a much cleaner and direct way to handle log scales with bar plots (and that
works with both 4.2 and dev Octave):

data = rand (5,3);
h = bar (data);
ymin = 1e-3;
set (h, "basevalue", ymin);
set (gca, "yscale", "log")  

As for gnuplot I can't help. Dan who actively maintains the gnuplot
interface probably has useful tricks to debug piped commands. 

>> ... and several more I've been stumbling across during the last years

I think what we need is to be able to eliminate the gnuplot toolkit at some
point -and I admit we are far from ready to do it- but, for this to happen,
the priority is to report and fix bugs in OpenGL toolkits (and its printing
system) rather than providing hacky ways to post-process graphics in

That's my 2 cent,

Did you report bug reports? 

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