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problem with ode23

From: Adrianna Andrusiewicz
Subject: problem with ode23
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2017 13:02:48 +0100

Hi, I have problem with my code in Octave. I have to  solve a  differential equation.
My code is:
%make an m-file for all three, exer442.m
function Yprime3= exer444(t,Y);
x=2, y=5, z=1.5;
Y(1)=x, Y(2)=y, Y(3)=z;
%all three
[t,Y]=ode23(@exer444,[0 200],[2;5;1.5]);
plot(t,Y(:,3),'g') %grass behavior
hold on
plot(t,Y(:,2),'b') %sheep behavior
plot(t,Y(:,1),'r') %wolf behavior

but I have an error:
error: 'ode23' undefined near line 8 column 6.
What is bad with my code? 

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