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Re: Octave and multi-processors

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: Re: Octave and multi-processors
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 10:34:33 +0100
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Am 14.01.2017 um 12:04 schrieb José Luis García Pallero:
> 2017-01-14 11:40 GMT+01:00 Andreas Weber <address@hidden>:
>> Am 14.01.2017 um 11:37 schrieb Andreas Weber:
>>> If you run into problems we can create a wiki page for that topic, okay?
>> There is already a page for that :-)
> Is this page updates. I've installed Octave 4.2.0 compiled by myself
> and linked with FFTW and apparently fftw_wisdom does not exist, but
> instead there is a fftw() function that, inspecting its help, I think
> it does the same task as fftw_wisdom

As far as I can see fftw_wisdom was removed at 2007-01-05
The wiki page shows
a call to fftw_wisdom to create a plan for a specific size which isn't
possible with fftw.

So I think the wiki page is really outdated...

-- Andy

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