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Octave and multi-processors

From: Clinton Winant
Subject: Octave and multi-processors
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 09:32:23 -0800

I use octave to run fluid mechanics flow solvers.  These codes rely heavily on fft and the related scripts. In the development phase, I don't include parallel coding.  As I keep an eye on a system monitor during execution I notice that for long periods nearly all the processors are busy, when no other processes (that I know of) are running apart from my octave simulation.  Is octave clever enough to know how to use several processors?  Are details described anywhere?

This is a good occasion to thank Octave developers for 4.2.0  I rely heavily on graphics, and have found the OpenGL toolkit to be almost foolproof, with great enhancements.  I have moved to make a contributions

Thanks Octave Team

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