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Octave Installation and package inclusion doubts

From: Shamika Mohanan
Subject: Octave Installation and package inclusion doubts
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017 11:20:19 +0530


I'm building an application that calls Octave core and package functions from c++ code.

1. I have built Octave using ./configure --without-java --disable-docs --without-opengl --without-qt

The lib folder is 414 MB in size. Are there any other options that I can use to reduce the size of the lib folder?

2. I've placed the Octave include and lib folders under the following path /path_to_application/thirdparty/linux/include and /path_to_application/thirdparty/linux/lib

I'm able to call the Octave core functions from the c++ code. How do I install the packages and place them under thirdparty folder such that the c++ code can also call the package functions. Is there any generic prefix I can set?
This application will be distributed among many users. The application should be able to call the package functions on any system without any issues regarding the path.


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