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Re: datetick, reason for explicitly undocumented behavior?

From: Julien Bect
Subject: Re: datetick, reason for explicitly undocumented behavior?
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2017 10:34:14 +0100
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Le 01/01/2017 à 22:42, Julien Bect a écrit :
Le 01/01/2017 à 20:48, siko1056 a écrit :
Jonathan Suever wrote
It's worth noting that the OP was using the second example on the online
as a guide which also incorrectly transposes the first two inputs. I have
submitted a bug report to the bug tracker

I'm more than happy to help fix this documentation error if someone can
point me towards the best way to contribute changes towards the online

As explained in the bug tracker [1] the change of the online documentation
[2] (actually it is a documentation maintained by Octave forge, the official
Octave documentation for the latest release is found at [3]) depends on a
page update by Carnë.


I have just checked: I have r/w access on these pages (but perhaps all OF developpers have ?).

Generating the documentation should be as simple as a call to generate_html_manual... (@Carnë: is there anything else to do ?).

I should never have said "simple"...

My first attempts have failed because inputParser is detected as "Not documented":

>> [text format] = get_help_text ("inputParser")
text =
format = Not documented

>> get_first_help_sentence ('inputParser')
error: get_first_help_sentence: 'inputParser' is not documented

I have made some patches to the generate_html package to handle undocumented functions, and now will try again to generate the doc.

But there are some very annoying things, however, that I don't know how to avoid---perhaps some of you do:

1) Figures keep popping up while I generate the doc.  Is there a way to generate it "silently" (figures being drawn in the background, or not drawn at all)?

2) There is a (long) series of dialogs/pop-ups, where I have to click on some buttons to continue... Is there any way to avoid that?

In case it matters, here is how I (try to) generate the doc:

>> pkg load generate_html
>> generate_html_manual ('/home/bect/.local/src/octave-default', './octave-function-reference', 'octave-forge')


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