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Octave features

From: berserk82.ia
Subject: Octave features
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 14:05:25 +0200

Hello there.
My name is Ivano Arrighetta and I'm Italian.
I would like to know more about gnu octave
and in detail: 

1) Can it import and export images?
2) Can it generate images?
3) Can it manipulate images? (adding filters, cropping, composing, etc)
4) Can it capture images from scanner and/or webcam?
5) Can it do ASCII-Art, OCR, Trace? 
6) Can it do vector graphics?
7) Can it import and export SVG files?
8) Can it rasterize a vector image?
9) Can it do vector animations?
10) Can it add text to a vector image?
11) Can it rasterize text?
12) Can a 2D surface be extruded?
13) Can it generate 3D geometry?
14) Can it add 3D modifyers? (like twist, tape, bend, etc)
15) Can it import and export 3D geometry? (like .obj or so)
16) Can it render 3D graphics?
17) Can it do 3D animations?
18) Can a video be used as a texture for a 3D surface?
19) Can a raster image be used as the texture for a 3D surface?
20) Can it add text to a 3D scene?
21) Can a raster image be used as a sound? (maybe like a spectrum or so)
22) Can it synthesize audio?
23) Can it do audio processing? (like delay, flanger, and so)
24) Can it cut and join audio?
25) Can it import and export rendered audio? (like .wav, .mp3, and so)
26) Can it capture audio from a microphone?
27) Can it convert an audio stream to a raster image?
28) Can it do speech synthesis?
29) Can it do speech recognition?
30) Can it render a MIDI file to a sound file?
31) Can it edit MIDI files?
32) Can it manipulate MIDI files?
33) Can it export MIDI files?
34) Can it be used with a MIDI controller?
35) Can a raster image be inserted in a video?
36) Can it mux or demux video?
37) Can it generate a video file?
38) Can it export a video file?
39) Can it cut and join video?
40) Can it do video compositing? (like adding a filter to a whole video)
41) Can it capture a video from webcam or the desktop?
42) Can it extract or insert video frames?
43) Can it embed subtitles in a video? 

Note these questions may sound weird, but mathematica does almost all of these.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Bye, Ivano.

Inviato dal mio dispositivo Samsung

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