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rendering into eps issues a bug?

From: Clinton Winant
Subject: rendering into eps issues a bug?
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 17:25:29 -0700

using either qt, fltk, gnuplot, the script

for m=1:3
  plot(m,sig(1),'ks','markersize',8,'markerfacecolor','k');hold on;

produce the correct screenplot, see attached for the qt version

Attempts tp print the plot on eps using e.g.
>> graphics_toolkit qt
>> close all
>> debugprint;%  (the script above)
>> print -deps temp.eps
>> quit

fail on all three toolkits,
for qt and fltk the eps file is appended.  A screen mask appears to have been overlayed over  symbols plotted using the 2nd and 3rd call to plot.  The points that are shown correctly in the eps file are from the first call to plot.
for gnuplot, al the points appear, but are in color, even though the print statement specifies -deps rather than -depsc

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