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How do I turn off "No such file" warnings

From: Ericbarnhill
Subject: How do I turn off "No such file" warnings
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 08:43:16 -0400


When background processes change directories in the Octave load path I receive this warning:

warning: load_path: /home/ericbarnhill/Documents/MATLAB/MATLABMRE/full_dicom_sets/MMRE_HC_yk_2014_01_07/Phase: No such file or directory

It is not turned off with either of these commands:

warning("off", "Octave:load-file-in-path");
warning("off", "Octave:autoload-relative-file-name");

Can anyone supply the correct warning to turn off? If it is undocumented, would anyone like me to document it somewhere?


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