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Octave DDE Solver

From: Jayson McAllister
Subject: Octave DDE Solver
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 10:03:45 -0600


I had a quick question about the ode23d solver created for Octave.  In Matlab, I have used the dde23 function and am trying to mimic the results within octave. I have a system of 4 continuous ODEs and two have delays.  In dde23, within the events function, I have stopped the integration at each 7 day interval.  The purpose is to add a drug dose quantity to one of the ode's states at each 7 day interval and then the integration is restarted.  This simulation time continues for around 3 years worth of simulation time.  In this manner, the events function allows me to apply an impulse function as the drug dose.  In dde23, the entire previous solution is given as history to restart the integration.  In ode23d, it only accepts a y vector/matrix for initial condition.  I cannot seem to make the solutions from ode23d match that of matlabs dde23 and I am wondering whether or not ode23d is capable of such of problem which stops and restarts integration after updating one of the states in the system.  If the functionality cannot be matched, is there another way to logically write the code for this to work?  I am new to solving DDE equations within Matlab as well, but the matlab version has been verified to function properly.  

I would greatly appreciate any wisdom and thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Jayson McAllister
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
University of Alberta

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