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warning: package ovtoolbox is empty

From: Joseph C Slater, PhD, PE
Subject: warning: package ovtoolbox is empty
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 15:12:25 -0500

Whomever might be able to help:

I'm trying to move to follow convention and also add easy updating 
/installation for the Octave version of my (originally Matlab) Engineering 
Vibration Toolbox. 

Unfortunately, when I try to perform "pkg install" with either a zip (created 
by github) or tgz, I get the following:

octave:17> pkg install
warning: package ovtoolbox is empty

While I admit my vast shortcomings as a programmer, I'm pretty sure the package 
isn't empty. What does this error actually mean?

The package is nominally the zip file downloaded from

Note: This is a branch for the main repository. The main doesn't yet try to be 
a formal package.


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