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Re: Octave+Symbolic (Windows8)

From: Colin Macdonald
Subject: Re: Octave+Symbolic (Windows8)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 14:34:08 -0800
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On 11/02/16 07:27, Novak Philipp wrote:
> I also made sure that the environmental variables are correctly
> specified, so that Octave knows the path of Python (Path and
> PYTHONPATH). When I install the symbolic-package from the forge, I get
> an error message: “warning: creating new directory...” Nevertheless the
> symbolic-package works fine.
> The problem is that after exiting, restarting Octave (and reloading the
> package), the symbolic-package does not work anymore. I get a lot of
> error messages with stars. 
> How do I fix this problem?

You can try what Philip said.

But first can you also send the "error messages with stars"?  Just in
case there is an easy fix...


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