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Re: point projection on polyline

From: rcharan51
Subject: Re: point projection on polyline
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 23:07:03 -0800 (PST)


1.By "overdoing" I think you mean the use of arrayfun? . Yes, it is slowing
down the function. I tried       passing row vectors(didn't know that a
column vector would work) into sub2ind.
2.A drawback(a minor tweak required) in my code is that it will only accept
Npx2 points array where Np!=1. Problem is that when a single point is passed
the outputs from distancePointEdge  are COLUMN!! vectors which our code
cannot handle in its current state, a work around for this would be to edit
last few lines(lines# 100-102) in distancePointEdge.m to not transpose the
output to Nex1 vectors.
3. And finally thank you very much for your valuable advice("profiling")
they surely made the code lightening fast!!(4.7 lakh points on poly of 300
vertices in 158sec)
4. And I will come up with some hashing function very soon (which I think
you will find amateurish   )

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