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Re: kmeans is not right

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: Re: kmeans is not right
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2015 21:20:21 +0100
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John Guin wrote:

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Subject: RE: kmeans is not right

John Guin wrote
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Subject: RE: kmeans is not right

Does the statistics package work with Octave 4.0?  When I try to
install, I get an error that statistics needs io >= 1.0.18.  I have io
2.2.11 installed.

Win7, if that matters.


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Subject: Re: kmeans is not right

kmeans is a function of the statistics package. It is not a package of
its own.

pkg install -forge statistics

then see:


Found the error - just having the io package installed is not sufficient.
You need to force load the io package before installing statistics:

pkg load io

then statistics will install without error.

Should I file a bug to have the error message say " statistics needs
io >= 1.0.18 (is the package loaded?)"

It would be wordier, but might point people in the right direction.

(or just try to load required packages at pkg install time...)

Hmmm.... never knew that packages need to be loaded in order to be found by
the pkg.m function.

Remarkable, as it is the pkg.m function that writes the octave_packages file
in which the package database is kept.

A bug report would do well if this is reproducible. I never encountered

BTW you can also install packages with the -nodeps flag. Dependency checks
are skipped then (at your own risk, that is).



Are there setup logs I can get that would help diagnose this?  I have a
second machine to try and repro and would love to get some actionable
logs/reports rather than just posting a bug that no one else can repro.

You could try something like:

diary on
pkg install ......
diary off
diary <filename>

and report the results.
(Use "help diary" for details on how to use it.)

Anyway I cannot reproduce this issue.
In Octave-4.0.0 for Windows the build_packages.m command installs one OF package after the other using a declared function ("try-install) that in turn calls pkg.m. After one OF package is installed, build_packages.m simply invokes try-install to install the next. Although there's a certain order in which build_packages.m installs packages (to satisfy dependencies) no packages are loaded at all in between. So I conclude that the pkg.m command merely checks for *presence* (being installed) of dependency packages rather that rely on dependencies being loaded.

To summarize: I find it odd that pkg.m requires a package (io in this case) to be loaded to be able to recognize it as a dependency (for the statistics package).


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