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Re: mkoctfile include directory with spaces

From: PhilipNienhuis
Subject: Re: mkoctfile include directory with spaces
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2015 09:58:15 -0800 (PST)

raymadigan wrote
> I just moved everything to the directory where the oct file I am trying to
> create is.  I moved all of the header files and the lib file.  It was also
> in a directory with spaces in the name.
> I am trying to make a single call to a dll entry point:
> My c code is 
> #include 
> <oct.h>
> #include 
> <CcmApi.h>
> DEFUN_DLD (CcmOpen, args, nargout,
>            "Open the Ccm Device")
> {
>   DWORD error = CcmOpen();
>   octave_value_list valueList;
>   valueList.append (octave_value(error));
>   return valueList;
> }
> the header file entry is
>     CCMAPI_DECL DWORD WINAPI CcmOpen (void);     
> i link to the lib file like i do in eclipse and visual studio.  When I try
> it in mkoctfile I get:
> undefined reference to address@hidden;
> I don't have to tell mkoctfile where the dll is?

I'm not that good in C++; but from my experiences with mkoctfile I think one
needs to tell mkoctfile where EXTERNAL (= not Octave) dependencies
(~libraries) are to be found with (AFAIR) something like:
-l<name_of_external_library>  # that's a small caps "L"

BTW that external lib must be built with MinGW; Visual Studio-built libs may
not work.


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