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Help with video package

From: Rick Thomas
Subject: Help with video package
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 17:26:50 -0500

To whom it may concern, I'm new to Octave, but have been using Matlab for 
years. I have lots of code written and would like to migrate to Octave for 
several reasons. I've installed the latest version and additional packages. 
Everything seems to work much like Matlab. The problem is the video package. I 
need to process images and/or avi movie files. No problem in Matlab. I've 
gotten video-1.0.2.tar.gz and video-1.0.1_newffmpeg.tar.gz. I've tried 
everything from the manual to try to install and load. Every other package that 
I've installed and loaded works except for the video package.  I don't know 
what else to do and would appreciate a fix, if available. Thanks!

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