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Octave printing a plot gives black background

From: slianou
Subject: Octave printing a plot gives black background
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 10:54:54 -0800 (PST)


I use Fedora 23 and just updated to the latest octave: 

I have encountered problems while printing a figure. If the "fltk" is used,
then the axis labels are written as is, for example the following:
> xlabel('{\lambda} ({\mu}m)','FontSize', 18);
will give  whatever is in the quotes, without using and turning them into
any tex-equivalent.

When I am using the "gnuplot", it will print the figure with a black
background, so the figure is unusable. This is related to this thread here:

But it seems that no solution yet is there. Any ideas to make it work
around, with either "ftlk" or "gnuplot"? 


Here is a little example figure I use to print:

graphics_toolkit ('gnuplot')
graphics_toolkit ('fltk')

figure(1); hold on
subplot(4,1,3, 'align', 'position', [0.2,0.2,0.7,0.2])
plot(x, y, 'ko', 'LineWidth', 4, 'MarkerSize', 6)
xlabel('{\lambda} ({\mu}m)','FontSize', 18);
ylabel('\DeltaL_{\lambda}/L_{\lambda}','FontSize', 18);
set(gca,'FontSize', 18,'XMinorTick','on','YMinorTick','on',
'fontweight','normal', 'interpreter','tex', 'FontName',
'TimesNewRoman','Color', 'white');
axis normal

print('-depsc2', '-mono', '-tight','graph.eps')

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