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Cant do simple XY plot

From: Dekome, Kent F. (JSC-ER611)
Subject: Cant do simple XY plot
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 17:11:35 +0000

Installed the on Windows 7 to test its ability to handle Matlab mat files...

Loaded my test file and all data vectors are showing up, yet when I try to do a simple XY plot the figure window remains blank…


I can plot the X and Y vector independently, but nothing happens when I do:


plot( HERA_TLM_T_EngineeringData_TIMETAG, HERA_TLM_T_EngineeringData_LastiLoadID)


I also tried wrapping the last vector with “double” since it is loaded as “int16”…same result. Both these vectors are 102 x 1…


plot( HERA_TLM_T_EngineeringData_TIMETAG, double(HERA_TLM_T_EngineeringData_LastiLoadID))


Whats the probably obvious problem?

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