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Re: constants or readonly variables

From: Maynard Wright
Subject: Re: constants or readonly variables
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2015 05:52:46 -0800
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On Saturday, November 07, 2015 11:51:48 AM Francesco Potortì wrote:
> >this is more of a style issue, but be aware that "e" in octave is a
> >built-in
> >​
> >octave:1> e
> >ans =  2.7183
> >
> >​which you have just overwritten ...
> >It could potentially result in some hard to debug problem.
> >The same goes for "i" "j" (or "pi").
> >I suggest to use "ee" or "ii" or "jj" var names instead.
> Which makes me think of something.  What you describe is in fact an
> annoying trap when programming in Octave.  A useful feature would be to
> have the possibility to mark a variable as constant, or readonly.

Good advice.   When I want to use any term that might, however remotely 
possible, create any conflict, I add an "h" in some early location that usually 
won't change (much) the pronunciation or the meaning of the word.   If I would 
like to use "integer, " for instance, I use "ihnteger."  Just a personal 
attempt to keep myself out of trouble.

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