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From: ALI Khan
Subject: fftshift
Date: Fri, 29 May 2015 08:49:38 +0200

Hi I am using an fftshift function and encountering an error:

error: fftshift: expecting vector or matrix argument
error: called from
    fftshift at line 80 column 7
    set_geom at line 330 column 11
    pfft at line 94 column 17
    induct at line 231 column 9
    pmag at line 148 column 11
    Example at line 27 column 7

I have checked the dimension of my variable x whose fftshift i want to calculate and it comes out to be :

ans =

   364    12    12

Would be nice if somebody can guide .... Thanks

Your sincerely;
Engineer Mohammad Ali Khan
Master of Science in Computational Engineering (Mechatronics)
University of Erlangen, Bavaria

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