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How to compile MXE-Octave via MinGW on Windows

From: rocketsound
Subject: How to compile MXE-Octave via MinGW on Windows
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 13:56:05 -0700 (PDT)

Hej! I'm trying to build MXE-Octave for Windows on my own for the very first
time. Let me note that I have basically zero knowledge about GNU, C++, make,
... when it comes to details. Four things I'm curious about:

1) I followed these steps I'm
using MinGW on Windows 7. Am I correct in the assumption that I can build
MXE-Octave via MinGW on and for Windows?

2) Is MinGW slow? I started the make process hours ago and it still builds
"build-m4". Why is that? I read about ccache? Might this help me? How long
does it take for you to compile the sources?

3) If I update to the latest commits via hg into the previous folder I used
for compiling mxe-octave, does ccache work for me?

4) And more general: How does the mxe fork work? I installed some basic
(GNU) tools like autoconf, bash, ... for MinGW and start make. Thats clear
but what happens next? Does the mxe-make file the whole work for me? Does it
automatically get/download a copy of the source code of Octave and so on?

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