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Re: can Octave plot figure which can be modified mannually?

From: Ron . Simonson
Subject: Re: can Octave plot figure which can be modified mannually?
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 10:03:18 -0700
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On 03/12/2015 04:40 AM, c. wrote:

On 12 Mar 2015, at 11:42, Juan Pablo Carbajal<address@hidden>  wrote:

On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 7:24 AM, Carlo de Falco<address@hidden>  wrote:

Il 12/mar/2015 06:41 "Torsten"<address@hidden>  ha scritto:

On 11.03.2015 22:32, Torsten wrote:
On 11.03.2015 16:32, davidmalone wrote:
I'm new to Octave
in Matlab, we can plot figures and save them into .fig files
and we can modify components on fig files mannually, e.g, drag legend,
modify title/labels, blabla

is it possible to use Octave to produce figures on which we can modify
components like we do on .fig files?

The print command for exporting figures provides the fig-format, too
(please refer to 'help print').

Sorry, my answer wasn't correct. I was thinking of the wrong fig-format
(the one of xfig).


Still, if you save figures as .fig or .svg they can be easily edited

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If you print your figure to .svg you can afterwards edit it with
Inkscape. However you wont get m-code form this figure.
Now, if you think on a productive scenario, it is hardly the case that
you want to edit your intermediate figures (i.e. before publication in
article or presentation) every time. So it is best to create figures
that are almost camera ready with m-code in Octave and then export to
SVG for the final arrangements, e.g. adding figure background, adding
shadows to legends, rounding borders of frames, changing the axis
lines, etc...

There is always a time compromise between how much you code in the
m-file and how much you work in Inkscape.

Hope this helps.

Another option I often use is to write plot data do csv from Octave
and produce publication ready images with veusz:


Help-octave mailing list

I generally use Latex to write reports, articles, and presentations.
There are a lot of Latex packages to help with making plots look good.
For the simplest edits the pstricks packages handle most of my needs.

HTH, Ron.

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