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Aw: Instrument-control package issues

From: Stefan Mahr
Subject: Aw: Instrument-control package issues
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 15:23:26 +0100

> The aim of this e-mail is to discuss with you some issues I have been 
> observing
> when working with the package and an Arduino platform. Firstly, I have to say
> that I am working with Windows enviroment.
> The description of my problem is listed below:
> I am trying to comunicate my Arduino with octave throuth the serial port, the 
> code used
> in octave is really easy :
> s1=serial('COM3',9600);
> srl_timeout(s1,10);
> srl_write(s1,'message')
> pause(0.03) ##Wait 
> srl_read(s1,30) ## Read 30 bytes
> As you can see, I am just trying to receive a response to a certain 
> "message". However,
> If I type the previous code manually in the octave command window it works 
> fine (I get
> the response from arduino). The problem arises when I build a function 
> containing the
> code and I execute the function as "communication.m", in that case, the 
> program doesn't
> work at all.
> Any idea?
> Best regards,
> Manuel

Please explain exactly what doesn't work. Does srl_read returns with an empty 
array, does it block, does it crash?

How long does it take for Arduino to process the 'message' and return some 
data? Is 30ms enough? Does it send a 30 bytes block or 30 bytes within 5 


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