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dicom package does not recognize gdcm package (on which it is dependend)

From: Lennart Geurts
Subject: dicom package does not recognize gdcm package (on which it is dependend)
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 11:55:44 +0100

Dear all,

This is the first time I use this mailing list, I hope I dont use it inappropriately. I have searched previous questions and found a similar problem from a user on OSx. However I run a Debian (Jessie) distribution and Im not sure how alike these are. I am from the medical imaging community and at the office I use a windows environment with matlab. At home I started using a linux environment and want to use octave, for which the dicom package is essential (my data is in the dicom format and not readily converted to nifti because of its high dimensionality, it would require many,many seperate files).

The dicom package is dependend on the gdcm library, which I have installed. The when installing the dicom package I get this error:

fatal error: gdcm-2.0/gdcmReader.h: No such file

The current gdcm version is newer than 2.0 so I thought maybe I should use the older version, but the error remained. Even the older function did not get installed to that path. I think the dicom package does not look at which path it should use.

Maybe this is a bug because the path is hardcoded (as suggested in the similar OSx thread)
Maybe this happens because the last release is from 2011 and the package is just not maintained anymore, while gdcm keeps getting updates.
Maybe Im just doing something horribly wrong that Im not seeing.

If anybody has some hints/ideas that would help a lot thanks!


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