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Re: Aw: Re: Streaming Serial Octave

From: inertialwave
Subject: Re: Aw: Re: Streaming Serial Octave
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 15:17:51 -0700 (PDT)

Juan Pablo Carbajal-2 wrote
> What is the chance that you can help fixing instrument-control?

Let me be clear. I have not yet evaluated instrument-control so don't know
what if anything needs fixing.
but I am motivated to help resolve the matter one way or another,
particularly for virtual COM ports that can't yet be accessed from native
Octave, at least on Win OS. Also consider this note from Stephan Mahr above
suggests some patience:

"Serial interface of instrument-control doesn't work with native windows
yet. I already have some code that works with native windows, but I had no
time to make it ready for commit."

I don't have octave/cygwin installed on my resourceful Win7 PC and the base
Octave install under Raspbian (2.6.2 ?) on my Raspberry Pi does not support
instrument-control. Furthermore the resources on the Raspberry PI ARM appear
to be far too limited to support streaming Octave analysis of the raw serial
data stream. Hence my theme is to use resourceful host PCs with streaming
Octave for scripted algorithm development and then decide on how to
partition the final application between embedded code and host software.

I did say that I thought instrument-control sounded like a good general,
multiplatform Octave I/O package solution a la Matlab's DAQ Toolbox. I like
for instance its i2C support which would be great in principle if embedded
Octave were not so slow. Unfortunately I don't have a resourceful linux
computer handy to try out instrument-control directly and but diving into
octave/cygwin looks complex just for this one evaluation.

I am certainly ready to evaluate instrument-control but octave/cygwin seems
too high a hurdle. I would also consider looking at instrument-control C++
under Visual Studio if it would help me find a way to get the Win OS name
for a virtual COM Port...but this seems in conflict with Stefan's post.

Given my resources and interest and Stefan Mahr's status what would you
advise to move ahead with Octave serial streaming? 

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