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problems installing optim on OSX 10.9 using MacPorts

From: Steven Dorsher
Subject: problems installing optim on OSX 10.9 using MacPorts
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:25:02 -0500

Hello again,

In the last week since I asked my basic question about how to install optim on a Mac using MacPorts (sudo port install octave-optim), I had to reinstall my operating system. This broke MacPorts, so I had to uninstall MacPorts and reinstall it. Now I am trying to reinstall octave, including the optim package. However, it seems to be choking on installation of the general package. Here's the error message I'm getting:

bash-3.2$ sudo port install octave-optim
--->  Computing dependencies for octave-optim
--->  Dependencies to be installed: octave-miscellaneous octave-general octave-struct
--->  Configuring octave-general
Error: org.macports.configure for port octave-general returned: configure failure: command execution failed
Error: Failed to install octave-general
Please see the log file for port octave-general for details:
Error: The following dependencies were not installed: octave-miscellaneous octave-general octave-struct
To report a bug, follow the instructions in the guide:
Error: Processing of port octave-optim failed

The alternative suggested,

pkg install optim-1.3.1.tar.gz
isn't working, possibly because I only get a tar file from hg, not a tar.gz file. It produces what looks like a mess of binary output in octave. 

I didn't quite follow the part about how to set $GCC and $LDFLAGS or how or why to install an older version of octave. I'm pretty sure I've installed the newest version since I just installed it. Would someone be willing to elaborate?


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