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Re: Installing Multiple Versions of Octave

From: CdeMills
Subject: Re: Installing Multiple Versions of Octave
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 06:37:00 -0800 (PST)

Victor Arambula wrote
> Hello,
> Can I have two versions of Octave installed at the same time
> (e.g., 3.6.4 and 3.6.1)?  Or do I have to uninstall one version before
> installing another?
> I installed version 3.6.4, and then installed GUI Octave, but found that
> GUI Octave requires version 3.6.1.  Now I can't uninstall GUI Octave.  My
> guess is that I first need to install version 3.6.1 before I can uninstall
> GUI Octave.  I'd rather be able to install 3.6.1, then uninstall GUI
> Octave and version 3.6.1, without uninstalling version 3.6.4 of Octave.

Depends on how familiar you are with compiling and installing yourself a

If you are using some  package manager, the main binary will be installed
into some standard path; like f.i. /usr/bin

You MAY compile and install yourself another version by specifiying, during
the configure step, to place it elsewhere:
1) get the sources from mercurial
2) ./bootstrap
3) ./configure --prefix=/usr/local 

another option for step 3) is ./configure --prefix=${HOME}/usr

then you launch "standard" octave as 'octave', provided your PATH
environment variable contains '/usr/bin'; and experimental octave as
/usr/local/bin/octave or ${HOME}/usr/bin/octave depending on the way you
configured it during step 3.

But compiling octave is not easy if you are not familiar with compiler
tools, libraries management and so on. Moreover, it will be difficult to
help you about some version you compiled yourself if you are using some
non-standard setup.



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