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Re: Unequal results when using element-wise and broadcast power operatio

From: Jose
Subject: Re: Unequal results when using element-wise and broadcast power operations
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 11:43:15 +0200
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Hello Steven.

On 26/11/13 06:57, Steven Levine wrote:
In <address@hidden>, on 11/25/13
    at 05:28 PM, Jose <address@hidden> said:

Hi Jose,

Because that bug affects me, I know well at least two ways in which it
can affect others, including the development of octave itself (given
that tests can be affected). Then I simply explained the reasons why I
think it should not get a low priority, just in case the developers have
not thought about them.

Saying things this way might annoy some of the developers.  There's an
implicit assumption that they did not exercise sufficient care when they
replied to your previous post.

Given that we are all humans, including the developers, and that the developers are flooded with many, many things to do, it is thinkable that they might pass a detail. To put it in a different way: four eyes see more than two. This is a more constructive point of view, and is the one that I was trying to use.

I think that any sentence can be scrutinized in a way that at some point somebody will find a reason to be offended or annoyed. The interpretation of any sentence depends not only on the writing of the author, but also strongly on the colour of the lens that the reader uses. Please, whenever anybody read my mails, choose a _constructive_ one. My will is simply to contribute the best way that I can, and sometimes is with opinions. Giving a (non offensive) opinion about the consequences of a bug does not discredit anybody, neither it should be interpreted as a suggestion that the developers did not pay enough attention. I think this is very reasonable.

I invite you (and whoever is interested/ofended/curious) to re-read my previous mails with the constructive lens on. Both, writers and readers, have a responsibility when it comes to communication. It is clear to me now that I have to be more careful when giving an opinion, and I will do so. But also the readers have their responsibility.

octave user, if I find a bug that I want fixed I know I have two
options: either report and wait until a volunteer fixes it or to fix it
by myself.

There is a third option.  You could pay someone to fix it.

Yes, indeed. I counted that one within fixing it by myself. I could also have been more explicit here.

Kind regards.

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