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I Need Help..

From: taketo eguchi
Subject: I Need Help..
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 18:08:57 +0900

Dear All,

I'm a graduate student in Japan.
I need your help.

Though I had an example of low pass filter, I can't understand.
How dose this work? and How can I know cut-off frequency of this filter?

The original_data is a column of water quality data I obtained with 1Hz.
l = rows(original_data);
a = fft(original_data);
for i = (1:l) 
 if i >9
 a(i) = 0;
b = fft(ec);
for i = (1:l) 
 if i > 1
 b(i) = 0;
c = real(ifft(b));
d = real(ifft(a))*2-c(1);

If you have any idea, please help me.

Thank you, 
Taketo Eguchi

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