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Re: Interactive visualization (eg, using D3)?

From: Matt Sundquist
Subject: Re: Interactive visualization (eg, using D3)?
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 15:32:31 -0800

Hey all,

Matt here, from Plotly. We just launched our beta, and would love to hear from experts like the folks on this list.

You can use the Plotly APIs ( (in MATLAB, R, Python, Arduino, REST, Perl, and Julia) to make interactive, publication-quality plots in your web browser. It has all the interactive aspects of D3 you'd want, and we let you always keep your graphs and data together, and collaborate with others--meaning you can share a file and edit your code, data, and graph together.  

It's also easy to interface Plotly's online graphing tools with your desktop environment. So you can send data to your Plotly account and view your graphs in your web browser. That means you can style with code or with our online interface, share your work publicly with a url or privately among other Plotly members, and access your graphs from anywhere.

Here's an example graph:, rendered with this Python Script. So my preferred way of making a graph is: start with code, and make the graph. Then, use the GUI to change it around and polish it. Then, share the interactive graph and data with the URL, download it, or embed it as an iframe.

We have a lot of our favorite graphs on our website at If you have any feedback or questions, please let me know.

All my best,

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 7:51 AM, wolframteetz <address@hidden> wrote:
Interesting question. I've been producting js visualization code from
Java/Groovy lately and it would in fact be interesting to have a 'webplot'
toolkit. It could replace the imho quite ugly Aquaterm solution on Mac and
add all the nice D3 graphs in seperate functions like
In addition, exposing result graphs to clients interactive 'on the web' is a
growing demand.
Of course, will sometimes do, but I'm not a big fan of cloud
services, i like to keep my data myself.

Take a look at the last post here:

I think that might make a lot of sense as a AquaTerm alternative.

I'll go get a coffee and try to put it into action. Let' see if I can figure
how to 'start Octave and communicate with it via pipes'....

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