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Re: octave update

From: c.
Subject: Re: octave update
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013 15:28:54 +0100

On 2 Nov 2013, at 15:03, jacopo rocchi <address@hidden> wrote:

> thank you very much to all of you guys. i don't think i'll easily fix the
> problem using mac port or fink, anyway i'd like to try the package linked
> here by Philip. 
> thus i download it and then i typed 
> pkg install io-1.3.3.tar
> but that's what i get:
> /Applications/ line 378:
> /Applications/ No such file or
> directory
> make: *** [csvexplode.oct] Error 1
> mkoctfile
> pkg: error running `make' for the io package.
> error: called from 'configure_make' in file
> /Applications/
> near line 82, column 9
> error: called from:
> error:  
> /Applications/
> at line 199, column 5
> error:  
> /Applications/
> at line 394, column 9


As Ben pointed out the 3.7.7+ bundle is experimental and unsupported, 
I am actually very surprised it does work in Mavericks at all, 
so I don't expect you will ever be able to use it for installing 
Octave Forge packages.


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