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Re: matlab code 2 gnu octave help, 3d plot

From: Terry Duell
Subject: Re: matlab code 2 gnu octave help, 3d plot
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 14:56:03 +1100
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On Fri, 01 Nov 2013 11:54:04 +1100, thor36 <address@hidden> wrote:

I have a problem trying to convert a piece of Matlab code to make it run in
GNU Octave.
The files are here:

The source code is in topotest.m , and I would like to see a 3D plot of
planet Earth in Octave, with all the options of axis setting and rotating
the view.

There are a few issues with this code. I don't know enough to be able to get it do what you want, and not sure if that's possible. I can however get a 3D plot, by making a few modifications to "topotest.m", as follows;

% Create the surface.
%[x,y,z] = sphere(50);
[x,y,z] = sphere(179);
props.AmbientStrength = 0.1;
props.DiffuseStrength = 1;
props.SpecularColorReflectance = .5;
props.SpecularExponent = 20;
props.SpecularStrength = 1;
props.FaceColor= 'texture';
props.EdgeColor = 'none';
props.FaceLighting = 'phong';
props.Cdata = topo;

% Add lights.
%light('position',[-1 0 1]);
%light('position',[-1.5 0.5 -0.5], 'color', [.6 .2 .2]);

% Set the view.
axis square off

This may get you started, but nowhere near what you wanted.

Terry Duell

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