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Re: [WINDOWS] - Octave + communications [help]

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: [WINDOWS] - Octave + communications [help]
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 08:34:06 -0400

On Oct 20, 2013, at 7:28 AM, oglop wrote:

> Hello, I'm new in octave and I need to use communications package, I
> installed octave on my laptop with windows (because my laptop can't work
> with linux .. cuz HW problems) 
> I installed octave-3.6.4-vs2010-setup.exe, and I also need communications
> package but I don't know how to run in under windows. Can anyone guide me
> please?
> With Installation I checked the octave-forge to be installed.
> I tried this commands in octave:
> octave-3.6.4.exe:10> pkg install -forge communications
> error: the following dependencies where unsatisfied:
>   communications needs signal >= 1.1.3
> octave-3.6.4.exe:10> pkg list
> no packages installed.
> I could not find any help for this.
> Thanks

Since you installed octave-forge, be sure to check which packages were 
included.  You can do that by typing "ver" at the command line.  If the 
communications package is listed, then you just need to load it.

        pkg load communications


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