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NSIS installer infomration for octave 3.6.4 mingw

From: Dan
Subject: NSIS installer infomration for octave 3.6.4 mingw
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 10:15:11 -0700 (PDT)

How would you run the prebuild packages from my homemade installer file, I am
running into the problem that when install octave it work every time.
However, I cannot auto load the preload packages from the download-zip file
, I still have to manually type the “pkg rebuild” command to rebuild the
packages, then restart octave and type savepath to create the .octaverc file
to add my own packages to the program. Are there any shortcuts I can take or
something I need to do with the NSIS code to make it run. In addition, I do
not want octave to be writing into the registry files as the actual
installer does I prefer the zip files that when extracted ready to run.

I am trying to create a portable version of octave that is not writing files
into the registry. i a musing the mingw octave 3.6.4 with the forge
packages. i have unzip the packages and trying to create a general installer
for this without doing the manual install step where the user is trying to
type the "pkg rebuild " commands as shown in the link below for manual

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